.clarchives li { Scale, Sustain, Succeed: June 8, 2023, Chancellor's Conference Day. Use the Payroll Portal to enroll in direct deposit ( required ), as well as to find pay stubs, get duplicate W-2 forms, see your payroll calendar, and more. A printable payroll calendarcan help you save time and money. padding: 0.8rem 1rem; Leave Accrual Schedule. .main-content a[href^="/"]::after { content: " (https://www.uft.org" attr(href) ") "; } } /*Firefox*/ .accordion-term::after .clarchives li a { { The New York City DoE Payroll Schedule helps you inform your next salary schedule Exemptions to routine pay, consisting of premium salary over time, work schedule different, or deal with vacations is paid on a two-week lag. #block-views-block-photo-galleries-block-photos-most-recent-gallery, .main-content a[href^="http:"]::after, /*Leadership pages: the title on related content blocks was too tight. } background-color: #d6dbee; Temp fix. This is for the actual days they have worked. .cta a.cta__link:after { display: block; } Complete DOE's mandatory Employment Forms online. figure.content-image{ background-size: 100%; white-space: normal; Forever 21 Payroll Calendar 2023. Formstack styles for embedded forms width: 13rem; top: .35rem; text-decoration: none !important; { ******** .main--with-sidebar, .main-content a::after, .pager, font-size: 2.25rem; display: block; } } div:has(.paragraph-sidebar) { Download PDF Printable versions of these Salary Schedules /* Chapter Leader Archives Page -webkit-print-color-adjust: exact !important; } .main, columns: 3; body, Today's top 25,000+ Substitute Teacher jobs in United States. width: 100%; } background-position: absolute; The title text is HUGE. } On mobile, images still have float and margins attached on the sides when they should not. .header, margin-bottom:2rem; color-adjust: exact !important; How Students Get Offers to DOE Public Schools, Educational Option (Ed Opt) Admissions Method, Enrollment for LGBTQ and Gender Nonconforming Students, Enrollment for Students with Disabilities, Enrollment for Students with Accessibility Needs, Enroll in High School Equivalency Classes (Ages 17-21), Annual Parent Teacher Meetings for English Language Learners, Bill of Rights for Parents of English Language Learners, College-Career Readiness for English Language Learners, Community Organizations that Help Multilingual and Immigrant Families, Helpful Links for Families of English Language Learners, Multilingual and Immigrant Student Support Resource Site, How to Prepare for the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test, Extended School Year Services for July and August, Students with Disabilities and Gifted and Talented. Because exemptions that took place throughout the 2nd week of the pay period are stated after your payment is computed, this takes place. .content-image--right, .fsBody { column-rule: 1px solid #ddd; -webkit-print-color-adjust: exact !important; } left: 0; .main-content a.button, .main-content a.icon-button { There are over 1.1 million children; more than 1,700 schools with new schools opening every year; 80,000 teacher and teacherrelated positions; and 22,000 paraprofessionals. } text-decoration: underline; .main.main--with-sidebar, The latest release that included the menu performance updates, also messed up the display of this menu. Makes links in Photo Gallery captions white so they can be seen. float: none; width:24rem; However, they are required to be photographed and must submit the appropriate forms. width: 100%; #block-uft-local-tasks, .account-menu-pilot .menu-navigable__sub-wrapper .account-menu-pilot__link.retiree-resources::before { ul{ text-align: left; @media (max-width:400px) { .slide__text a { .main-content::before } ************ @media print Paraprofessionals only accrue sick time for per-session work done over the summer. { Go to https://payrollportal.nycboe.net. Left and right arrows move across top level links and expand / close menus in sub levels. } of Alcohol & Substance Abuse, Occupational & Physical Therapists and Audiologists, Years of approved prior teaching experience outside the New York City Department of Education and in some situations for related non-teaching experience, How long you have been teaching in the New York City Department of Education, Credits and degrees you earn beyond your bachelors degree. color: #373737 !important; } } margin-bottom: 0; .account-menu-pilot .menu-navigable__sub-wrapper.sub-open .main-content a[href^="/"]::after ******** - CG, 2022-1216 */ .event__actions__item svg { /* Print Header */ } */ Please note that this interest survey is for fully bilingual candidates only and it does not guarantee a nomination as a Substitute Paraprofessional. */ /* Ads were showing in the sidebar of NYT landing page, because it's an article. /* display: block; font-size: medium; This will help ensure that everyone gets paid on time and will help you avoid common mistakes such as paying a worker double his or her normal pay. columns: 1; The Second heading overlapped on phone sizes. Remove with: PR ufts-861 news-listings-latest-grid */ .cta a.cta__link table td, table th { border: 1px solid #666 !important; } column-gap: auto; .rounded-box { display: block; .content-actions, column-gap: 1rem; Flowers Foods Payroll Calendar 2023. Exelon Payroll Calendar 2023. This still needs work. ******** .event__actions__item svg { } */ } .main-content a[href^="http:"], .main-content a[href^="https:"]::after, background-image: url('https://www.uft.org/sites/default/files/photos/UFT_logo-black-1600.png'); width: 100%; background-image: none; font-size: 1.75rem; Fixes a padding issue on the bottom of Single Curated Featured Content blocks .paragraph-sidebar .content-image--left, } .split h2 { Holidays: 12/31/21 - New Year's Day (Observed) 01/01 - New Year's Day 01/17 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day 02/11 - Lincoln's Birthday (Observed)* 02/12 - Lincoln's Birthday* 02/21 - Presidents' Day 05/30 - Memorial Day . 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